UNDERWORLD DREAMS® is the new lovecraftian horror game of Drop of Pixel

developed in exclusive for Nintendo Switch™.

Underworld Dreams: The False King is an upcoming first-person horror series based firmly in the Lovecraftian mythos. Based on the works of HP Lovecraft (and Robert W Chambers’ The King in Yellow) and set in the 1980s, Underworld Dreams: The False King tells the story of a man who has tracked down his missing brother to a seemingly abandoned building that hides something much more sinister behind its decrepit walls.


PSYCHOLOGICALLY INTENSE: Based on the works of renowned horror legends HP Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers, Underworld Dreams: The False King aims to mystify and horrify players with a tale that’s both heartwrenching and mind-bending.

RETRO HORROR: With an atmosphere akin to classic horror titles, ammo is limited, and save spots are rare. Be cautious or be disappointed.

ENVIRONMENTAL STORYTELLING: The False King expertly crafts its narrative through the environment, its puzzles, and the mysteries the player encounters.

COMBAT THAT COUNTS: Every bullet counts in The False King and health doesn’t magically recharge. You must learn when it’s wise to attack, and when it’s wise to run.

UNDERWORLD DREAMS ® is a trademark of Drop Of Pixel S.L.U. – All rights reserved

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Created and developed by Drop Of Pixel S.L.U.