“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness “ is a terror experience blending adventure and puzzle elements to tell a horror story in old haunted manor and based in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and structured like a dynamic ‘Escape Room’.

”One cursed man
Only one chance
One hour to find answers
To escape and survive”


“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” is a psychological horror game based in Cthulhu Mythos, but under a new system of dynamic escape room, that makes the gameplay changes conditioned by the actions of the player but under the danger of permadeath, since the game begins the player will have an exactly one hour to try to solve the mystery and to get away safely. If he doesn’t get it, he will die.. Developed by Drop Of Pixel and with a scheduled launch date in first quarter of 2017.

Developed under Unity 5, INFRAMON: The Old Darkness offers a psychologic terror game based in the works of H.P.Lovecraft, Robert W.Chambers or Ambrose Bierce with dynamic escape room system, where the player have only a maximum of 60 minutes to escape from the house with one of the multiple endings and thinking that the death is permanent and it is not possible to save the game.


The difference between INFRAMON: The Old Darkness than other horror games is their dynamic structure: every game that the player plays is conditioned for his actions, making the entire game changing the locations that he can visit (it’s impossible to cross all the rooms at same game), the enemies change in type, number and location, the puzzles change the solutions and the location of clues, the notes change and the locations of this. The same thing happens with the weapons, depending on the route that the player chooses, appears complete weapons, a part of this or maybe cannot appear.

To do the same actions equals to do the same narrative route and the same puzzles, to maintain the narrative coherence and help the player if he will change any ending or if he will return to the same point until he dies, because during the game is impossible to save. The permadeath helps the player to find the fear of loose this progress like the survival horror.


-Only one hour time to play the game and to find one of the endings. These 60 minutes is the maximum time to finish every route of the game. It’s possible to finish the game in less time but depending of the route, the ability of the player and if the player knows the solutions of any puzzles.

-The game hasn’t only lasts an hour. The game has more endings, more routes, more puzzles, more rooms, more enemies and weapons and it’s impossible to complete only in one hour.

-The death is severely penalized: the player lost any progress. No save system and not exist checkpoints. These are for increase the tension and have a little component of survival.

But don’t worry about the system: if the player can repeat faster these actions can arrive at the same point of the death easily.

-The difficulty of the game depends basically of the route that the player chooses and his ability to resolve the puzzles and escape or defeat enemies or traps. The knowledge about the Cthulhu Mythos gained during the game also affects the difficulty…

-The route is chosen by the player with these actions, and the result is to play one of the multiple routes. Every route contains parts of the story, and only if the player can finish all the basics routes may complete and understand the story. And many routes have different endings.

-The game is dynamic because every game that the player’s play is conditioned for these actions that he do, making that the entire game changing. One example:

In the game, the player is in a corridor with a vase on the table and a mask hung in a wall:
If the player take the vase and broke with the floor, inside the broken vase, the player can find a key to open a door. If he unhooks the mask, he doesn’t find anything.
But if the player unhooks the mask from the wall, he finds the key hung on a nail, the same key that can open the door. And if the player later will broke the vase with the floor, inside he didn’t find anything.

-These actions and another have consequences in the game:

* The player can visit different parts of the house, but never the entire house. Many of the rooms depend strictly of the route chosen.
* The enemies could vary in type, situation and number.
* The weapons, depending on the route that the player chooses, could appears complete, only a part of this or maybe cannot appear.
* The notes could vary the text and his location.
* The puzzles could vary in the solution, location and the consequences to the resolve…


“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” had a playable demo at Barcelona Games World 2016 and had a great and it had a great reception between the assistants.

“INFRAMON: The Old Darkness” will be available in English, Spanish and Catalan.


For more info go to www.inframon.net or visit our youtube channel.